PolyPells is one of the most creative materials you will ever come across. It is a thermoplastic material which becomes malleable when heated and can be easily used to form any elements of various shapes. The use of the material is limited only by your imagination.

   The most creative type of modelling compound

  • Unlimited applications - use in model making, crafts, cosplay, prototyping, DIY, extrusion in molds, home repair and DIY projects
  • Easy to process even for beginners - all you need is a pot of hot water and your own hands
  • Extremely durable - once solidified, the mass is hard and resistant to impact
  • Once solid, can be painted, sanded, cut and drilled
  • Completely safe and non-toxic material
  • Reusable - if you are unsuccessful, simply drop it into hot water and model again
  • Packed in a practical and aesthetic jar to protect the contents from spills

PolyPells have the form of white granules, which when poured into hot water (at a temperature of at least 62°C) become a homogeneous, colourless, elastic mass, which can then be freely modelled using only your hands.

After cooling, the mass turns white again and becomes an extremely hard plastic. The hardened material can then be painted, sanded, cut or drilled.

The product can be reused many times. If you have prepared a model that you are not completely satisfied with, place it again in hot water. The material will become flexible again and you will be able to form new shapes from it.

PolyPells, unlike any other plastic, is a low temperature thermoplastic polymer that activates at just 62 degrees Celsius.

  • Simply pour the granules into a pan of hot water (minimum 62 degrees Celsius). Thanks to the effect of heat, PolyPells changes its properties - the granules will join together to form an almost homogeneous mass and change its color to transparent. The prepared mass can be taken out of water and shaped as desired. The product in this form can be used as a substitute for various types of modeling masses. The difference is that once the PolyPells paste has cooled down it is extremely hard, resistant to impacts and will not crumble or break.


1) Heat water to at least 62 °C

2) Pour PolyPells into the hot water.

3) Wait approximately 2 minutes or until the PolyPells are transparent and no longer stick together.

4) Remove the PolyPells from the water using tongs.

5) Knead the PolyPells until it becomes a homogeneous mass. Shape it with your hands or with tools.

6) Allow the PolyPells to cool at room temperature. If you are not satisfied with the results, drop the item into hot water and model again. Have fun!

A hand-held heat gun can also be used to process the material. A heat gun will work well for heating up smaller sections of a completed project to model a piece or to join two separate pieces together. If you need more time to model an element you can heat it with a hot tool several times during the work and it will keep its plasticity without dipping the whole element in hot water.

The curing time for "thermoplastic plastic" at room temperature is about a dozen minutes.


The mass can be bent, modeled, stretched, rolled, kneaded and cut. And after it is completely cooled down you can drill, sand and paint it. Once cooled, the mass changes color from transparent to white and becomes hard like most plastics.

A hard piece made of PolyPells mass can be painted with paints, spray lacquers and decorated with any techniques. The flexible mass can also be colored with powder, liquid or glitter dyes, which simply need to be dipped into the mass.

The product can be used repeatedly. If you have created an unsuccessful project from the mass, you can put it again in hot water, soften it and once again model the desired shape.

The great advantage of PolyPells is that it is a completely safe, non-toxic and biodegradable product.


PolyPells has an unlimited number of applications. It is ideal for modeling, molding and extruding in molds. It can be used in model making, prototyping, crafts, ornament and jewelry making, cosplay, DIY, and DIY projects.

PolyPells will find application in:

  • handicrafts - create unique and inimitable decorations, decorative elements and ornaments. You can make jewelry such as earrings or brooches, handmade buttons for clothing. You can also create decorative elements and then paint them and decorate with any art techniques
  • extruding in moulds - create a variety of patterns and shapes using PolyPells as a substitute for casting compound and use it in silicone moulds. The large number of different shaped silicone molds makes it possible to model almost any decorative element
  • modeling - add modeling elements and create unusual dioramas
  • aquaristics - use PolyPells to create rock constructions and decorations in aquariums. You can use the mass to join rocks together and avoid the risk of collapsing the construction. In the aquarium hobby, PolyPells is used as a polymeric glue to bond corals in the marine aquarium. It is completely non-toxic and does not affect water parameters
  • Prototyping - model parts, make handles and housings. Simply design your new product
  • Home repairs - repair broken parts and use PolyPells for all your repairs. Create your own handles, hooks and fixings. Repair damaged parts in appliances and toys
  • DIY - wanted to create something special but didn't have the right material? With PolyPells you can create your own holder for a phone, tablet or sports camera. You can make handles and grips for tools, you can make unusual screws and nuts. Reinforce your USB cables at the bends so that they do not bend or tear.
  • cosplay - cosplay costume creators have already appreciated the quality of PolyPells. Thanks to the creative plastic, you will create unique costumes and details that will stand out for their quality and creativity
  • play - make various figurines, people, animals, characters out of the mass. Then paint them, decorate and have fun
  • DIY - do it yourself. Do not limit yourself! Create and have fun using PolyPells in any of your projects.

PolyPells are available in packs:

  • 100 grams
  • 250 grams
  • 500 grams
  • 1 kg

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